A friendly, if naive tengu with a lust for magical items and shiny objects.


Tezz grew up in the city of Ilhara among the local tengu conspiracy. He was always friendly, if a bit vain, and enjoyed a life of relative comfort. When he started to display talent in magic, he found himself estranged from his peers. Embracing that he would always be a bit different, he colored his feathers and set out to join the mages guild of Ilhara to better learn the ways of magic.

Once he entered the halls of the guild, he was instantly entranced by all of the magic around him, and especially the magical objects. In order to gain membership into the guild, the magi put new recruits through a test. Tezz was put into an enormous room filled with objects of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Of these objects, only 8 had any sort of magical attributes – one for each school of magic. Tezz looked around the room, filled with treasures that would have tempted anyone, and especially any tengu, he shuddered at the sight of a skull pendant, and started towards a large red feather. Just as he was about to pick the feather up, he saw a small glint from the corner of his eye and stopped. In the corner of the room, laying on the floor, mostly covered in dust, was a small, silver ring. The moment Tezz picked up the ring, he became a member of the transmutation school of magic, and the ring became a sign of, and conduit for, his abilities.


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